What is your shipping policy?

Where are you? Domestic or International? We have a slight difference in policy…


If you’re in the United States, then we have a standard flat-rate cost of $8.00 for your order.


If you’re outside of the United States, then shipping will depend on what country you reside in. Please email jruminski@happythoughtscandles.com to find out what your shipping cost will be!

What is your return policy?

If you wish to return the candle, the candle must not be damaged or worn, must not have been lit (the wick must not have been on fire or heated). The label must not be worn or teared. Returns are not limited, with the above conditions applied.

How do I order wholesale?

That’s a great question! We want to work with you if you just love candles, or if they’re for your shop! We have a minimum order of 48 candles. Just email us to get an invoice!

Any other questions?

If we haven’t covered your question in the questions above, then please do not hesitate to reach out! We are more than willing to answer any questions. Just email us!